Basicx Line 2C


Solar installations using the BASICX collectors convert solar energy into useful heat.
The heat produced in the solar collectors is transferred trough the working medium to the water or industrial tank, where it is accumulated. The effective operation of the system is controlled by a differential temperature controller in cooperation with a circulating pump.

The unique design of the harp absorber

A flat liquid BASICX collector has an absorber, which uses modern, so far the only such technology on the market, connection of the circuit board to the pipe system. This technology involves partial rolling of the copper tube, expanding the size of her surface by a factor of seven. An additional advantage is that the soldered connections are located outside the main heat transfer surface. Given the fact that the thermal conductivity of copper, out of which the plate and pipes are made, is 401 W / mK and the solder thermal conductivity is only 60 W / mK , locating the solder connections outside a significant advantage.

The innovative construction of the collector frame

The BASICX collectors use a modern technology to bend the aluminum frame. The technology consists in making the main frame from one profile section without unnecessary welds in the corners. The frame without joints is much tighter has a more aesthetic appearance and most importantly there is no risk associated with the unsealing after several years of operation. For additional protection against weather conditions, the collector frame is powder-coated. Proper construction of the collector with the use of corrosion-resistant materials, and powder coating provides a minimum lifetime of the collector of 25 years.

The unique design

Black housing color of the collector and navy black-blue shade visible through the glass, refines the look of any roof.

High efficiency operation

Perfect absorber, smart housing design and a very good thermal insulation of the SX collector makes
him achieves a very high efficiency operation in both summer and winter.

Can be mounted on any roof

Specially designed mounting assemblies, made of stainless steel and aluminum, ensure quick and safe installation of the solar collectors on every roof with any coating.

Standards and tests

The BASICX collector was tested in the Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna; It was granted the Solar Keymark Certificate.