NEXUS is a modern and economical main source of heat in buildings located even in the most adverse climatic conditions.

Their high quality guarantee innovative solutions implemented on the basis of components from leading global manufacturers such as Copeland and Siemens.

Made in a compact version, which allows installing entirely outside of the building, saving in a considerable extent, the area of ​​a technical room. Simple installation is reduced in practice to the hydraulic connection to the heating system by two pipes. No interference of the installer is necessary.


  • One of the cheapest ways to heat buildings without an additional heat source. The system operates at temperatures as low -18 ° C
  • High efficiency operation and long service life thanks to the use of components of renowned world producers
  • Compact design mounted entirely on the outside, originally filled, and tested by the manufacturer of the system, guarantees high uptime and quick and easy installation
  • Enhanced controller ensures optimum control and protection of the system. It is possible to purchase a version of the controller with a mobile function (mobile version). The standard is a wall mounted wired remote control
  • High comfort limited only to setting the hot water temperature
  • Built-in frost protection eliminates the risk of damage to the pump at standstill
  • Cooling function
  • Quiet operation