BIO Z 900 x 400


Warm and climate

Innovative solution for people who may not have a traditional fireplace in the apartment for various reasons. Bio-fireplaces are devices that do not require connection to a chimney. Installation and operation of this device is not complicated. There are two types of bio-fireplaces:
- BIO Z for external mounting (on the wall)
- BIO W for mounting in recess
Bio-fireplaces have a rectangular shape and are offered in three sizes.


Bio-fireplaces are safe devices in which the biofuel burns completely leaving no soot or sludge. Biofuel is a solution made on the basis of bioethanol. Through the use of biofuels are not emit any harmful substances into the environment.

Standard colors

Bio-fireplaces are available in a black color.

Fireplaces equipment

The burning container, lid, container handle, fasteners.